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Making memories one at a time

About Us

Hi! I’m Anita. I’m a mother of 2 adorable kids. I have a very supporting husband who always encourages me to follow my dreams. We live in Edison,NJ. We are a happy family of 4 with unlimited imagination, dreams and creativity. YourToothFairyMemory is my third child. At YourToothFairyMemory, I believe in imagination, creativity and magic. It was founded in March 2018. The company was named YourToothFairyMemory because I wanted each and every kid to have an unforgettable memory when they lost a tooth.

I started YourToothFairyMemory as a friendly idea and provided the service to friends and family members first. But each time I heard a story about how happy and excited the kid felt after seeing the proof of tooth fairy visit, I decided it was a great idea to do the same for as many kids as possible.

In the two months since I started it, I’m proud to say that I am the reason behind the smiles on hundreds of kids. I don’t just have plans to stop here. This is just a beginning. I have just opened my door to imagination. I need to step in and do much more for the kids. After all what is life without imagination! 

Why YourToothFairyMemory

Why do we do anything for kids? Because we love them. They show us their silliest drawing and we get excited and say how pretty it is. They push a few keyboard keys. We say wow that is beautiful music. Each moment and every milestone we encourage them to be more creative and imaginative. When they lose a tooth, why not feed their imagination. When they look at the picture they will BELIEVE in magic. After all every kid is going to grow up fast. Let them enjoy these sweet moments.

At YourToothFairyMemory I can also customize the picture

  • With a frame
  • With your child’s name and date the tooth fell
  • With a cartoon tooth character next to them
  • Change the fairy’s dress color
  • Make the room look like the moon and stars are glowing inside

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

If your kid doesn’t like the picture I will refund the money immediately. I’m just interested in the smiles I can bring to each kid.


Your satisfaction is very important to me. Do not hesitate to contact me with any custom requirement. You can contact me by

Phone: +1-732-595-8818

Email: yourtoothfairymemory@gmail.com 

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